Skin care routine.

I love changing my skin care routine once in a while and I am constantly trying out new products. There is so many products on the market that it is sometimes hard to find the best product for our skin type.

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had trouble with my skin. To acne to redness, name it, I had it. I tried creams and piles, I have tried them all. I think that having so much problems with my skin really made me into beauty products, because I was so into finding the PERFECT life saver product. I have finally got a skin care routine that I like and works for me, even if it’s still not perfect. They are better weeks than others, you know.

My skin care regiment also changes depending on the season, since my skin gets more dry during winter and more oily in the summer.  I also find that after a while, its like my skin gets used to the product, so I like changing it up and testing out something new.


IMG_5155I really love the Philosophy exfoliator. Since it is very gentle I use it a couple time a week. It makes your skin so soft!

IMG_5156I recently started to use the Clinique take the day off, cleansing balm to wash and take out my makeup. It’s a cream that transforms as an oil and it really did a miracle for my dry skin.


I am a really big fan of Caudalie products and I have been loving this face mask that I try to use once a week.

IMG_5158I have used the Clinique face cream a couple years ago, but I recently went back to it as a summer face cream, because it is very light and not to greasy.

IMG_5159Once in a while, when face skin feels really dry I put the Caudalie oil on my face instead of the face cream before bed. I also put in at the ends of hair for some extra shine.

IMG_5161I love the sent of the Kiel’s face oil that I use in my night time routine. The essential oils are so relaxing.

IMG_5163Last but not least, I use the Tea tree oil from The body shop as a spot treatment on my non invited little friends.


Have a great week!

Stephanie x.o.x.

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