Wrap Coat

Coat: Rosegal 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

We had the best weather this weekend in Montreal which makes me super excited for Spring! This black wrap coat is simply perfect for this type of weather, it’s light and soft and really gives you a perfect sophisticated look. A twist to a classic trench, but warmer, its the perfect piece for the transition into the new spring season.

I was on the hunt for a coat just like it for so long, but didn’t want to pay too much, so when I saw this one for 30$, it went right into my cart. It’s the kind of coat that is going to be in style for ever and comes in so many cute colours.

I’m actually super impressed how quick the shipping was from www.rosegal.com, plus they have sooo much cute stuff. Go have a look at their website and you’ll see for yourself! I absolutely love their Spring collection and swimwear, I’m personnaly so over the snow, #Springfever.

Alrighty, I’m off to continue my studying since I have a midterm coming up. Thanks for stopping by!

Photography by: @SnapMeFancy


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